The Little Pre-Primary Wing Of Delhi Public School, Nashik Village Manori, Behind Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Dindori Road, Nashik, 422004.
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Listing Type : Individual Play School
Announcement : Admission Open
Contact Person : Co-ordinator
Mobile No. : 8071300022
Programs Offered : Play Group, Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Preparatory
Method of Instruction : English, Hindi
Opening Hours
  • Monday :07:30-14:30
  • Tuesday :07:30-14:30
  • Wednesday :07:30-14:30
  • Thursday :07:30-14:30
  • Friday :07:30-14:30
  • Saturday :07:30-14:30
  • Sunday :Closed

Welcome to The Little Pre-Primary Wing Of Delhi Public School, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

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About The Little

Best preschool in Nashik. The little preschool Keeping in view the overflowing admissions in the school, especially the pre –primary section, Delhi Public School has opened its very own new Pre – Primary Wing, The Little, at the prime location of Gangapur Road.

The colorful campus has a very feel good vibe to it. Each class is well equipped with a smart board, class library with age appropriate books and a variety of play materials for children to play with and explore.

There is plenty of outdoor space for children to feel free and run around. The rectangular gardens surrounded by a variety of trees and plants enables them to learn the value of nurturing our environment. The rabbits and the ducks are the main attractions of the students. Various activities that help children develop academically and reach their highest potentials are regularly conducted at The Little.

How‘The Little’ is different from other play schools.

  • At The Little we believe in making students independent and competent individuals for survival in this modern day competitive world. So, from a very young age children are taught to be independent and self reliant by guiding them to do things on their own and taking responsibility. They are also encouraged to think and find solutions to everyday simple problems faced by them.
  • Each class is equipped with a smart board through which the teachers are able to imbibe the concepts deep into the minds of the students via P.P.T.s or videos shown as per the subject.
  • Each winger/bus has a GPS and camera for safety of the students.
  • The pre – primary students learn various concepts through the I-Pad which has been installed with various educational apps as per the age and need of the children that are parallel, going hand in hand with the basic education.

We at ‘The Little’ believe in inculcating the 4 E’s in Our Students:

  • Explore: Allowing children to explore the content to be learnt by invoking their curious minds.
  • Experience: Children have a firsthand experience of things around them by engaging themselves in creative activities related to the concept.
  • Eclectic: Children are allowed to explore and bring in and put in their ideas from various sources that they collect.
  • Efficacious: By exploring and sharing ideas and implementing them, children successfully and independently produce the desired and effective results.

To make globally aware and ready citizens for future challenges the world has to offer.


  • In Pre – Nursery, children are exposed and taught about the world around them. Very basic concepts such as Myself, My neighbourhood, The Garden and gardens creatures, Colours, Hygiene, Animals, and Friends are explored and learnt by the children in class.Recognition of letters of the alphabets and numbers using sand tray, sand paper and colouring worksheets are conducted. This helps the concepts to be deep and well rooted into their minds.Children also observe and compare things on various attributes. This is done in the form of regular nature walks.Various activities to develop fine and gross motor skills are regularly held in order to prepare them for future learning.
  • In grade Nursery topics such as A Special Person called me, Seasons, Transport, Magical World Underwater; Shapes are learnt by the children.Children learn to form the various letters of the alphabets. Jolly Phonics is implemented in Grade Nursery by Xseed. Learning via Jolly Phonics enables students to learn to read early.Positional words, patterns, sequencing, concepts of big and small, long and short, one more and one less are learnt apart from numbers and counting.
  • Playgroup, which will be commencing shortly, is conducted in the form of Mother Toddler Programme, wherein the mother will also accompany the child in the initial stages. This will be beneficial to both the child and the mother as well, as the child develops a sense of security when he/she the mother and teacher mingling happily engaging in various learning activities. The mothers get a clear picture of the flow of the day and how teaching and learning happens in the classroom.

The Little Pre-Primary Wing of Delhi Public School, Nashik Official Website Address :

The Little Pre-Primary Wing Of Delhi Public School, Nashik
Listing Type : Individual Play School
Announcement : Admission Open
Contact Person : Co-ordinator
Mobile No. : 8071300022
Programs Offered : Play Group, Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Preparatory
Method of Instruction : English, Hindi
Activity Room
Art & Craft Classes
Audio Visual Room
Ball Pool
Book Library
Child Safe Toys
Colourful classrooms
Computer Room
Covered Play Area
Development Oriented Toys
First-aid kit
Outdoor Play Ground
Own Building
Painting Classes
Pick-up & Drop Facility
Play Dough
Play House
Power Backup
Restricted Entry
Sand Pit
Security Guard
Toy Library
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